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30 Under 30 Judging Criteria

Entries are only open to IPM Members and all entries are free of charge. Please see entry terms & conditions for full details of eligibility and status. The IPM is an equal opportunities organisation. 

Judging: a panel independent professionals and senior IPM Members will be selected by the IPM to judge the submissions which will include a panel Chair, the IPM's Managing Director, Carey Trevill. Each judge receives electronic copies of the entry and submission forms. The judges will study and mark these entries and place them in an order of preference following the guidelines given to them. The judging criteria and weightings given to these criteria will vary according to each question and this is published for guidance with the entry criteria.

The Judges role is to select up to 30 suitable candidates for the IPM 30 Under 30 2017 Program from the entries submitted. Should less than 30 candidates not meet this criteria, this is all that will be taken forward for the program. The Chair will adjudicate and guide Judges where appropriate. The panel of judges will meet to decide the final 30 selected candidates.

Moderation and vetting: All the judging is moderated to ensure fairness and equality between the panel. All possible steps are taken to avoid judges in panels where they have a vested interest. However where a vested interest is unavoidable a judge will not mark, score or comment on that entry during the process and the entry will not be penalised as a result.  The Judges’ decision is final on all matters and no correspondence will be entered into.

IPM 30 Under 30 Program Terms & Conditions can be found here. Our FAQ's can be found here


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