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IPM Awards: Judges’ panel

Thursday March 21, 2019 at 12:14pm


In early April the judging will start for the IPM Awards 2019, a process that will recognise and reward the very best promotional marketing and brand activation campaigns of the past year. In anticipation of this momentous annual event, we asked our judges what they’ll be looking for in a campaign to deem it a worthy IPM trophy-winner!

Here’s what our first group had to say…

 Ben Bestford, Director at BAM Student Marketing   

 “Authentic, relevant and executed to a high standard.”

Dave Corlett, New Business Director at Ready

“Whether the campaign delivered convincingly against its objectives. I'll also be looking for  sparks of creativity within the campaign concepts.”

Carina Filek, Global COO at Elevate Staffing  

“A campaign that truly understands its audience, and delivers a valuable  experience to its   consumers. That, and exceptional execution!”

Mark Gregg, Chief Executive Officer at BONAGO Incentive Marketing Group GmbH 

“The creativity of the incentive product that is used in the campaign and it´s performance in   achieving the campaign goals.”


Branwell Johnson, Director of Content at Propeller PR 

“Commercial creativity - an interesting idea with cut-through that delivers an ROI over and above the target metrics.”

Richard Lloyd-Williams, Experiential Business Director at Collider   

“Understanding the audience, and the effectiveness in engaging them.”

Iain G. Morrison, Chief Marketing Officer at University of Greenwich

“Tangible evidence of 'work that works’.”

Karen Olsen, CEO at MMG (MMedia Group Ltd) 

“Creativity and delivery on ROI, checking the brief was delivered without compromise and kept   to the brand values with integration of tech.”

Laura Palmer, Business Development Director at Promotional Handling Ltd (PHL) 

“To show clearly the results of a campaign, quantifying them against the objectives set.”

Fran Scorer, Business Director at Quander

“I will be looking for agencies and brands that solve complex problems with beautifully simple solutions.”

Rob Scott, Group Creative Director at TLC   

“A perfectly executed, big idea combined with breath-taking results.”

Tom Sugg, Partnerships Director at Brand Culture

“Results are of course key – but I’m looking for campaigns that stir positive emotions and make you feel compelled to get involved!”

Taj Sur, Group Account Director at Savvy Marketing  

“Campaigns built on genuine consumer insight that deliver sustainable results for the brand   through creative disruption.”

Neil Survilla, Business Director at Kreate

“Stand-out originality, supported by clear objectives, success metrics and ROI. Behind every Gold winner there is usually a brave client.”

Rachel Swann, Commercial Director at 3radical 

“That the campaign has actually met the judging criteria and is new, different, innovative and, hopefully, exciting.”

Daniel Todaro, Group Managing Director at Gekko

“Realistic ROI/CPU measurements are essential in order to catch my eye. Estimates won't cut it.”

Kimberley Upton, Head of Planning at Blue Chip

“I love unconventional thinking. I’m looking for campaigns that piece together the same promotional puzzle in an entirely new, unexpected way.”

Chris Whittle, Founder/Managing Director at Experience12 

“Work that brings a smile to your face and a nod of appreciation for the quality of  thought that went into it - even before you read further into it.”

  Chris Wilson, Head of Brand Partnerships at Ingenuity London

 “The effect the brand promotion will have on the target audience.”


We’ll be updating this page over the next few weeks to feature more of our judges, so come back again soon!

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