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Influencer marketing: Why are we worried about it & where should it go next?

Friday August 17, 2018 at 1:22pm

Alex Lawrence, Copy & Content Executive, IPM

Influencer marketing is one of today’s biggest trends, but in 2018 it’s reached a crossroads. Has it reached its peak? Or does it still offer valuable opportunities for brands?

Influencer marketing has the potential to be a powerful tool to connect with consumers and seems to offer a solution to how we now skip, block and completely avoid ads. It has the ability to infiltrate our lives, reaching us through the very content we choose to see. Catching up on videos from a favourite blogger is a daily habit of many – what better way to approach prospective customers than to connect with them through the content they want to see, from the people they choose to follow?

Social media platforms are continuously evolving to support the influencer marketing movement, with Snapchat recently introducing ‘Storytellers,’ a feature that aims to connect influencers to businesses.(1) Instagram has even made purchasing items from ads more direct with a ‘click-to-shop’ tag that allows users to buy the exact items featured in stories or posts.

In terms of promotional marketing, which is all about initiating a behaviour change from a consumer through offering a reward or incentive, influencers can provide valuable opportunities. Because they have the ability to convince their dedicated fans, they hold the potential to encourage consumers to engage deeply with a brand. People are more likely to physically and emotionally interact with a brand if someone they look up to and admire is speaking about the benefits of the incentive. Moreover, influencers can also be the incentive themselves: ticket prizes can be amplified by offering fans the opportunity to go to meet an influencer at an event or store.

Yet, even with such unique opportunities to get a brand name out there, influencer marketing has recently received something of a bad rap. Why?

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