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The IPM Foundation Certificate: A Candidates Story

Tuesday April 9, 2019 at 2:36pm

Gurgina Sandhu, Content and Social Media Coordinator at the IPM shares her journey on the IPM Foundation Certificate through an ongoing series of diary entries.

Wednesday 20th March 2019 - Promotional Marketing and its Role in IMC

This was my first session on the IPM Foundation Certificate. As someone new to the industry, and grasping the rails as the new Content and Social Media Coordinator for the IPM, I was excited to get a deeper understanding of brand activation.

The first session with Nic Sanders was full of invaluable information that highlighted the basics of promotional marketing and its role in integrated marketing communications. We talked through what brand marketing is, the various ‘push and pull’ tactics brands use to get their products or services identified, as well as a range of different aspects of promotional marketing, and techniques used today. We then applied this knowledge to analyse well-known brands, which I found really helpful in understanding the importance of these techniques in brand marketing, and how they contribute to the wider picture of presenting a positive brand reputation.

Nic was very engaging and welcoming with all the candidates. He was careful to talk us through the assignment, explaining what each section in the assignment brief was referring to, as well as giving us lots of tips and advice on how to score well.

Stay tuned to see how Gurgina gets on with the assignment

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