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Safeguarding Digital Prize Promotions

Date: Wednesday 5 April 2017 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Course Overview

Digital platforms provide an ever-increasing array of tools with which to really engage with consumers - but lots of us are finding out the hard way that with great power comes great risk.

The industry is still learning how to run digital promotions and the consumer is also learning how to take advantage of any loop holes we leave.

This half-day course is intended to be a sharing of knowledge - there will be lots of practical do's and don'ts from people who are working on these promotions all the time and who see plenty of examples of how to do it well and what to do to stay safe.

The Aim of the Course

To arm the delegate with a host of best practice advise on running promotions on digital platforms, from a practical, hands on point of view.

The objective is to run exciting and engaging promotions that treat consumers with fairness and respect while ensuring that the mechanic is safe and the integrity of the promotion is maintained.

Who the Course is Aimed at

Account Executives/Managers/Project Managers involved in devising, developing and running promotions on digital platforms.  Those in more technical roles or are part of the planning implementation stage are also welcome.

Course Content

The Legal & Code aspects of running promotions on Social Media

Winning Moments - Generating them fairly and safely

An introduction to Operational Management Algorithm Promotions - How to run them
Social Media - The Pros & Cons Terms and Conditions - The importance of solid T&Cs that meet the legal and code requirements and safeguard the promoter
The Use of Codes - Why some codes go wrong and how to ensure consumers can't 'crack' them Data Entry & Capture - Getting the balance right between ease of entry and fraud prevention
Moderation - User Generated Content Reporting, Monitoring and Analysis - The detail that makes the difference between empty T&Cs and solid, robust administration
Judging Best Practice Can you hack it? Everyone gets the chance to hack a promotion
Voting Mechanics - The dangers and how to avoid them During the course delegates will also hear about best practice relating to Mobile promotions, Twitter promotions & Pan-European promotions


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Location: IPA 44 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8QS