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Pitching to Win!

Date: Wednesday 7 March 2018 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


The AAR and IPM have collaborated to deliver Pitching to Win: The Secrets of Successful Pitching on 7th March 2018.  Offering ideas and tools that you can take back to your business and start winning.  Our aim to challenge some of today's accepted thinking so your methods can develop from the insights you will gain.  

Seminar Overview

In the present climate, new business has probably never been more important to agencies and consultancies.  Every opportunity needs to be maximised, in what is a highly competitive and comparative environment. 

In this Masterclass, you will get to hear practical tips together with an insight into what goes through a client's mind when they are in "new business mode".  We will look at the whole new business process starting from "Getting on the Pitch List" through to "What to do on Pitch Day".  We will also cover what you should pitch for and how often.

This will be a very interactive seminar with all participants encouraged to ask questions and make observations from their own perspectives.


  • Hear first-hand what is really important to clients, and put yourselves in their shoes
  • Gain some practical ideas that you can put into practice on your next new business opportunity
  • Gain an understanding of how you can best influence your agency's new business performance
  • Be able to ask those specific questions that have been bugging you about new business, and get an answer!

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the pitching process! Pitching to Win is designed with all agencies in mind, whether you want to refresh your way of pitching or you want to fine-tune the way you currently pitch.  Participants will be expected to stick to some ground rules - particularly around confidentiality!

Questions or Queries? Please c​ontact the Education Team on 020 3848 0444 or annak@theipm.org.uk

Location: CIEE Global Institute - London, 46-47 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4JP