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IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma

Date: Tuesday 21 May 2019 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma

Start Date - 21st May 2019

Course Tutors:  Linda Piggott, John Sylvester, Rebecca Marks, Paul Bohknecht and more.

Course Dates

Course Starts   21st May 2019

Immersion Day    18th June 2019

First Submission (Mods 1&2)

   19th July 2019

Feedback (Mods 1&2)

   20th August 2019


6th, 9th or 10th September 2019

Second Submission (Mods 3-7)

   11th October 2019

Set Brief Submission

   15th November 2019

 Results   17th January 2020


Course Overview

The IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma is a qualification specifically designed for the reward and recognition industry.  It takes the form of a distance learning programme with seven modules and a set brief which are to be completed over a five-month period. 

Submission of the answers is staggered over three dates, giving an opportunity for feedback to be given to candidates after the initial submission.  This gives them the insight to benchmark their performance and adjust efforts accordingly.

Candidates will study at their own pace utilising tools provided, as well as carrying out their own research.

 The aim of the course

The IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma provides a good overall understanding of Incentive & Motivation and is a qualification that is recognised by the industry at large.  It is the aim of the Diploma to increase standards of professionalism in the industry and provide a benchmark for employers.

The Diploma will give candidates foundation knowledge necessary to;

  • Appreciate the role of Motivation campaigns in the marketing mix and in a Sales and HR context.
  • Plan, instigate and manage effective Motivation campaigns with confidence.
  • Effectively brief and coordinate the various elements and suppliers involved in implementing Motivation campaigns.

Who the course is designed for

The course has been developed with the following positions in mind;

  • Client-facing account handling staff in Motivation Agencies
  • Clients responsible for staff motivation - using agencies and doing it in-house.  HR personnel involved in employee benefits.
  • Client-facing account handling staff in companies supplying the Motivation industry (travel, premiums, vouchers etc)

Typically candidates will be actively involved in the process of devising, implementing and managing Motivation campaigns.  Candidates need no previous qualification to take the course.  It will be challenging, hard work and enjoyable, but most importantly it will be valuable to the candidate's future.

Course Content

Module 1 - An Introduction to Motivation

Module 2 - The Performance Improvement Process

Module 3 - Structure and Measurement

Module 4 - Knowledge and Skills Development

Module 5 - The Communication Process

Module 6 - Reward and Recognition

Module 7 - Project Management

Course Format

The Study Notes are core to the course, comprising over 110 pages of detailed notes, checklists and proformas, written by industry experts and continuously updated and improved to keep pace with changing trends and developments in the industry.  All of the course resources, notes, case studies, articles and web-links are housed on our dedicated online resource with direct email access to tutors.  Each candidate will also receive a copy of Strategic Reward and Recognition by John Fisher. 

Included in the IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma

Immersion Day

A full day of workshops, presentations and discussions designed to ensure the candidate is fully engaged and motivated.  It should also increase their confidence and maximise the extent to which they make the most of the course.

Location: TBC


A one day session in September which is the candidate's opportunity to discuss the detail of their response prior to submitting their paper to ensure that they are approaching the questions in the right way. 

Location: TBC

In Good Company

Businesses all over the UK and Europe have benefited from the IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma;

Questions or Queries? Please contact the Learning Team on 020 3848 0444 or annak@theipm.org.uk