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IPM Diploma

Date: Thursday 26 September 2019 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

IPM Diploma

Start Date - ​26th September 2019

Course Tutors: Abby Dixon, Nic Sanders, Jill Lorimer and more.

Over the last year the IPM Diploma has been fully renovated and updated to include brand new modules, more lecture & workshop days and more learner support to ensure you get the absolute most out of qualifying with the IPM.

We brought these changes in, because ultimately we want you to be #ProudToBeIPMQualified


Diploma Overview

The IPM Diploma is considered by the industry itself to be the best possible grounding for those responsible for running promotions of any sort.

March 2018 saw the first intake of IPM Diploma candidates studying a syllabus which has been fully updated to ensure we continue to be the leading provider of quality qualifications in specialisms such as Shopper, Experiential and Partnership Marketing.

You'll complete a series of three units, each with their own assignment and the IPM's Legal Code Certification (LCC) over a nine month period.

The qualification has three regular submission points to ensure you're staying on top of your learning, giving you the opportunity to receive feedback along the way to learn and improve for future unit submissions.

*For candidates based outside the UK, or those looking to run international campaigns, the IPM also offers an International IPM Diploma.  Please contact us directly for more details of this particular qualification.​

Aim of the Diploma

The IPM Diploma provides you with a thorough and robust understanding of all things Promotional Marketing and the specialisms within.   It's a qualification that we're proud to say is industry recognised.

It is the aim of the Diploma to increase standards of professionalism in the industry and provide a benchmark for employers.

The IPM Diploma will give you the knowledge necessary to:

  • Appreciate the role of Promotions in Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Ensure you are approaching briefs with the right strategy
  • Plan, instigate and manage effective Promotional Marketing concepts with confidence.
  • Effectively brief and co-ordinate the various elements and suppliers involved in Promotional Marketing campaigns.
  • Understand the importance of Account Management and Negotiation Skills and how to utilise these to get the absolute best out of the work you do.

Who the Diploma is designed for

The IPM Diploma is designed for agency and promoter personnel involved in devising, developing and running promotional campaigns to provide a solid platform on which to build experience and future learnings. 

We expect you to have at least two years experience in the industry to ensure you get the absolute best out of the IPM Diploma.

Key Dates

  Course Starts

 26th September 2019

 Unit 1 - Day 1 Training

 ​17th October 2019

 Unit 1 - Day 2 Training

 18th October 2019

 Unit 1 Assignment Deadline

 19th December 2019

 Unit 2 - Day 1 Training

 9th January 2020

 Unit 2 - Day 2 Training

 10th January 2020

 Unit 1 Feedback

 13th February 2020

 Unit 2 Assignment Deadline

 12th March 2020

 Unit 3 - Training Day

 2nd April 2020

 Unit 2 Feedback

 7th May 2020

 Unit 3 Assignment Deadline

 4th June 2020


 30th August 2020

*Dates highlighted in blue are Training Days; you'll need to be available to attend a series of lectures and workshops on these days.  The sessions will take place in Central London.

Diploma Content

The IPM Diploma is now split into three core units, each unit has a number of modules.  Please see breakdown below.

Candidates complete an assignment for each unit as well as the IPM Legal Code Certification (LCC).

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

The Role of Promotions within Marketing Strategy & IMC

  Promotional Mechanics, Implementation & Legal Considerations

Role of Account Management & Responding to the Client Brief

  • The Role of Promotions in IMC
  • Strategic Thinking & Evaluation to Deliver Commercial Goals
  • Positioning
  • Understanding Objectives
  • Understanding the Consumer using Insight
  • Understanding Audiences, Their Buying Behaviour & Channels


  • The Promotional Techniques
  • Digital Channels & Mechanics
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Legal Code Certification (LCC)
  • Procurement

  • Client Account Management
  • Creativity
  • Operational & Risk Management
  • Understanding a Brief and How to Respond

Included in the IPM Diploma

As well as all your course notes you'll have the following included in your studies for the IPM Diploma;

  • An increase in face-to-face days.  We now have five supporting days full of lectures and workshops to ensure you've really got a grasp of the content and that you'll be ready to complete your assignments with confidence.  These will take place in Central London.
  • Support from the IPM.  We have a pool of industry expert tutors, markers and mentors who are here to give you a hand during your studies.  This of course is not forgetting the IPM Education Team who'll be your first point of contact for any queries you have.
  • Exclusive case studies.  ​​As well as all your course notes, you'll have access to exclusive IPM Award winning case studies to help you visualise your learnings with the use of real life examples.
  • Online Learning.  All your course materials are fully accessible online through our exclusive e-learning platform.


Questions or Queries? Please c​ontact the Learning Team on 020 3848 0444 or annak@theipm.org.uk


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