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fast.Map Marketing Gap

Research company fast.MAP has been publishing its annual fast.MAP Marketing-GAP tracking study for the past nine years, and the IPM has been a partner of the survey for the past four years, which allows us to ask a number of questions relating to promotional marketing. 

The fast.MAP Marketing-GAP survey asks consumers how they respond to a range of marketing communications; it then asks marketers how they think consumers respond. Sometimes, marketers get it right; often, they get it wrong. 

The difference between how consumers say they respond and how marketers think they respond is the Marketing-GAP. It is a very useful pointer to areas where marketers need to know more, and also where there could be opportunities for brands to gain competitive advantage.

On this page, you will be able to access the full report from 2013 and also presentations from the seminar held to launch the report.

Additionally, you can access the 2012 report and presentations from the 2012 seminar.

For the 2013 fast.MAP Marketing-GAP study, the IPM repeated a number of questions from 2012 but also added in new questions focusing on loyalty. In the 2012 research, the IPM focus was on social media. 

The 2013 fast.MAP Marketing-GAP survey was sponsored by data specialists Callcredit and partnered by the IPM and the IDM, and the results were revealed at a seminar held in Central London on September 26 2013. 

IPM members can download a free copy of the full 2013 report from our insights archive. Copies of the slide decks from the 2013 results seminar will be made available as we get them. 

Copies of last year’s report, the fast.MAP Marketing-GAP 2012 study, can also be found in our insights archive, along with slide decks from the 2012 seminar.

Fast.Map Marketing Gap 2013 seminar Paul Godwin's presentation

Paul Godwin's presentation from the 2013 fast.MAP Marketing-GAP results seminar

Fast.Map Marketing Gap 2013 report

Fast.Map Marketing Gap 2013 Content Summary

Use of Digital Consumer Data

The ins and outs of marketing using digital customer data from the 2012 Fast.Map Marketing Gap study

The Consumers’ Digital Journey & The Reality Gap

2 presentations from the 2012 FastMap Marketing Gap looking at the gap between perception and reality in digital and DM

The Consumer & Promotions - Findings from the 2012 Fast.Map Marketing Gap

This PDF includes 3 presentations from the 2012 Fast.Map Marketing Gap Conference.

Social Media & Traditional Media Infographic

This Infographic uses findings from the 2012 fast.Map Marketing Gap research and shows the Marketing Decisions that alienate people, the reasons that customers think less of a brand or a product, why consumers ignore marketing communications and throw stuff away on one hand and keep other communications on the other.

Loyalty Infographic

This Infographic uses findings from the 2012 fast.Map Marketing Gap research and shows findings in which loyalty promotions impact on consumer behaviours.

Communication Channels Infographic

Infographic showing Communication Channels from Fast.Map Research

Fast.Map Marketing Gap 2012 White Paper

Fast.Map Marketing Gap 2012 Content Summary