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Shopper Marketing and Retail


Connect 2018 Summary

Connect 2018 Insights

Improving on shelf availability

Improving On-Shelf Availability (OSA) has been a key focus within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry for many years.The purpose of this white paper is to share some of these insights and client experiences as a way to help you to think through your company’s current situation and future aspirations within the context of On-Shelf Availability best practices.

The Future of Retail - A Research Study by WebLoyalty/Conlumino

A full researched review of the UK retail Sector from demographics through to social media engagement.

Impact of Inflation on Retail Strategies

To what extent is inflation impacting retail health and strategy?

The Emperor's New Customers

Despite the UK being home to some of the world’s most admired retailers, there is an incomplete understanding of the potential that superior customer service can have on retention.

Win Win Win Brand Building

The IPM looks at how sales promotions can impact more effectively and positively upon brand performance and loyalty in store than pure price promotion Coupons

Will King - Brand Owner Perspective on Retail Price Promotion

Will King, owner of King of Shaves takes a short look from Brand Owner perspective at the impact of price promotion

Using Live In Store Data

Top line presentation from Colin Harper at Storecheck, specialists in retail FMCG marketing research and analysis

Shopper Behaviours

Should we view shopper behaviour as the same, regardless of the brand, audience or situation

Making It Happen - Shopper Marketing

From definitions to explanations, from beginnings to current challenges - Jordi Connor of Ogilvy Action looks at Shopper Marketing. From An Introduction to Shopper Marketing.

The Changing Face of Shopper Marketing

Crispin Haywood, formerly of Ogilvy Action looks at the changing face of shopper marketing. Taken from An Introduction to Shopper Marketing.