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Cheestrings launches The Brave Bones Club

Monday January 20, 2014 at 2:59pm
Cheestrings, the Kerry Foods-owned dairy snack brand, has launched a new website, ‘The Brave Bones Club’, developed to build confidence in children through active play. The Brave Bones Club, created by Fallon London, is aimed at children and their parents, and is a place where ‘young daredevils come to play’. It has been developed based on the ethos that the more adventurously kids play, the stronger and more confident they grow up. Children can join the club with a view to meeting a range of challenges set, with badges to collect to demonstrate their bravery. Kids simply have to follow the instructions on the site and describe their brave experience once they’ve completed each challenge – which they can undertake with their family and friends. A certificate of bravery can be printed and displayed at home, or posted on Facebook. Challenges include ‘Full Moon Camping’, ‘Bath Snorkelling’ and ‘Jump A Grown-Up’. The new website also has lots of useful healthy eating tips for parents – including advice on what a healthy lunchbox looks like and the importance of Calcium and Vitamin D, which Cheestrings contains. Lee Willett, marketing controller dairy, Kerry Foods, says: “Active play contributes to strong bones and adventurous play is vital for mental and emotional development. The new Cheestrings Brave Bones Club is a club all kids can be a part of, centered around playing with courage, which is really exciting.”
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