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Fotorama adds digital delivery of popular promotional mechanics

Friday January 31, 2014 at 1:56pm
Promotional risk management company Fotorama has mailed 300 key brands and agencies with a chocolate bar, to mark the launch of a new white label website offering ‘Try Me Free’ and ‘Cashback’ services. Fotorama’s system uses unique codes on pack. To claim a refund, consumers have to enter this code onto a specially constructed, fully brandable web site. They are then asked to upload an image of their till receipt as proof of purchase and enter further details. Once the application has been validated, consumers will receive their money back via an online transaction through their bank account or via PayPal. Lorraine Horley, head of client services at Fotorama, says: “Try Me Free and Cashback are both tried and trusted techniques that remain consistently popular with brands and audiences alike. Customers are naturally cautious about buying a new product or changing from their trusted brand, especially during times of financial austerity. These offers give them the confidence to try something different.” Horley adds that brands that participate in ‘Try me Free’ and ‘Cashback’ promotions can make significant savings on manual handling and the fulfilment process. Hundreds of thousands of claims can be processed quickly and efficiently whilst names, personal information and contact details will be automatically captured and can be used by the brand at no extra cost for further targeted campaigns. The chocolate bar mailed out to brands and agencies carried a code to claim £1 Cashback via the new system, encouraging Fotorama’s target audience to try out the online process for themselves.
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