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Walkers challenges fans to ‘Go big or go home’

Wednesday April 16, 2014 at 2:21pm
Walkers is running its first ever on-pack promotion for its Deep Ridged crisps, challenging consumers to participate in a game where they may eventually win £50,000, but only by risking all their winnings so far. The ‘Go big or go home’ campaign is in shops across both multipack and single serve packs. It offers consumers the chance to win free packs or a cash prize with every purchase, which they can either stick with or go online and gamble in an attempt to increase the value of their prize, up to a maximum of £50,000. However, each time they gamble, they risk losing anything they may have won so far. The campaign is being backed by online advertising and activity across social media. When consumers go online to the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ website, www.deepridged.co.uk, they kick-start a multi-platform immersive video experience. When they enter their on-pack code into the game’s bespoke website, they see a video featuring the game’s fictional host Lester Leycroft, “a man without fear”, who introduces the game and presents them with the choice to either “Go Big” and potentially win big, or “Go Home” with their cash and avoid losing everything. Lester starts by inviting players to play for the chance to win either a free pack of crisps or a 50p Money Off Next Purchase coupon. Or they can gamble for the opportunity to win £5, then £25, then £100, then £500, then £5,000 and finally £50,000. Lester encourages “going big” at every stage, goading players to be brave and scolding those who conservatively retire “home”. The campaign includes a complete multi-device website, 25 individual videos, an online promotional video, digital banners, on-pack designs and a full social media content strategy. Advertising was created by AMV/BBDO, with website build by ACNE Productions and promotional elements created by INITIALS.
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