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Heinz ‘Bring on the Zing’ multi-platform campaign

Monday May 19, 2014 at 1:00pm
Heinz Salad Cream is celebrating its centenary this year with a multi-platform Bring on the Zing campaign, including a Facebook campaign, large-scale sampling and experiential and in-store activity, as well as radio advertising. The marketing campaign is aimed at driving relevance of the brand amongst the UK’s next generation of consumers, and is doing so by tongue-in-cheek Facebook activity which shows how Heinz Salad Cream could have been there to Bring on the Zing at monumental moments from the last 100 years. The history of Heinz Salad Cream has also been charted through the century with an infographic that recounts the most significant events from the past 100 years, such as its popularity during rationing through the Second World War, when it was used to inject flavour into bland foods. Two new 30 second radio ads narrated by comedian Mark Williams will pinpoint the picnic and BBQ meal occasions as opportunities for Heinz Salad Cream to “Pamper your hamper” and “Get those barbecue tongs wagging.” The radio campaign will be followed by sampling from June 9th and the social media campaign will go live on Facebook from June 16th. Anna Kean, assistant brand manager, Heinz Salad Cream, says: “2014 is a huge year for Heinz Salad Cream and the centenary provides the ultimate platform from which to communicate the brand’s significant heritage and the unique tangy taste that has made the brand so enduring. In a competitive sauces market, the anniversary also enables us to remind our loyal consumers why to buy Heinz Salad Cream over its competitors and also to drive awareness amongst our younger audience who perhaps aren’t aware of the sauce’s compelling history.” Heinz Salad Cream is the market leader with a 76% value share of the £61.5 million salad cream market.
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