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Clarks launch new voucher program with Eagle Eye Solutions

Friday June 6, 2014 at 1:50pm
International shoe retailer Clarks has gone live with a new voucher programme using a digital solution from consumer engagement experts Eagle Eye. The Eagle Eye AIR platform allows retailers to easily connect with potential and existing customers to deliver relevant offers, rewards and services that can be redeemed securely through any point of sale. Clarks has implemented Eagle Eye AIR to enable vouchers to be redeemed at all existing points of sale across its UK stores. The new digital initiative will be targeted to other businesses to allow them to distribute vouchers to their staff as part of an employee incentive scheme. During the first phase of the project, Clarks will be working with issuance partner Maxim, part of the Park Group, to distribute the vouchers via paper. Eagle Eye will supply unique codes for each voucher to ensure redemptions can be tracked and verified, reducing the risk of fraud. The vouchers are easily redeemed with the unique codes being tapped straight into the point of sale terminal for immediate verification. The second phase will move to a completely digital solution with vouchers being issued via digital channels including email, SMS and mobile. Clarks says that implementing a full digital programme will enable it to push the vouchers through multiple channels and consequently reduce operational costs by omitting the need to print. The unique codes enable easy tracking of each voucher from issuance through to redemption allowing the marketing team to completely understand customer shopping behaviour and use these insights to personalise marketing campaigns, ensuring a rapid ROI. Phill Blundell, chief executive officer of Eagle Eye, says: “We’re very pleased to be launching this new digital program with Clarks as part of their new B2B initiative. It’s a step towards making voucher issuance and redemption a lot easier for Clarks and their customers enabling them to become more efficient from a cost and time perspective.”
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