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Brand new look for Multiply

Friday September 26, 2014 at 2:19pm
Multiply, the integrated creative agency with offices in Edinburgh and London, has introduced a new brand identity and company vision. Founding partner Kate Fenton explains: “All successful businesses evolve and over the last year, we’ve been shaping our company vision and building a new manifesto to reflect this. Although we’ve always been an integrated creative agency, we’ve been exploring our key strengths and believe these lie in three core areas: shopper, digital and brand experience. A deeper grounding in academic insight and theory has also given us greater strategic clarity and we wanted a cleaner, simpler logo to reflect this.” Multiply creative director Steve Hill was tasked with overseeing the entire project. He says: “After having implemented a revised brand essence for Multiply, I felt it was a good time to match a revised way of thinking with new branding. You can talk about change but it’s always stronger to show change – this was one of the main drivers for updating our brand. The creation of the ‘M’ with the ‘X’ utilising the negative space gives us a strong, simple marque that works as part of a complete logo and also as an icon on its own, a relatively new requirement for digital media channels.” Multiply was formed in 2003 and now employs 60 staff across its two offices, working with brands including Heinz, The Famous Grouse, Highland Spring and RBS.
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