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Wyke Farms’ 'Free Cheese Friday' Social Media Campaign Awarded Trade Mark Protection

Monday October 13, 2014 at 1:45pm
Wyke Farms has just managed to get trademark protection for its ‘Free Cheese Friday’ social media campaign. The company, the UK’s largest independent cheese producer and milk processor, says it is the first brand in the UK to register a trademark based on a social media campaign. The ‘Free Cheese Friday’ trademark has been registered on the basis that it has acquired distinctiveness through use and that a sizeable proportion of that use is use as a hashtag. It was registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office by UK law firm Burges Salmon LLP. Wyke Farms’ ‘Free Cheese Friday’ takes the form of an online weekly competition, run across both Wyke Farms’ Facebook and Twitter pages. It has mainly grown organically from viral sharing and now receives over 25,000 entries per month. Since its inception four years ago, Wyke Farms has seen the popularity of the campaign double each year. The campaign now has a following of more than 44,000 individuals. Rich Clothier, managing director of Wyke Farms, says: “The influence of social media networks is not to be underestimated. At Wyke, social media remains a core part of our communications strategy and is something that we have invested in for several years now. We have seen numerous benefits – increased brand recognition, improved brand loyalty, improved sales and smarter customer insight. This is why we decided it was time to protect our brand by trademarking our competition.”
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