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GEOX 2014 Amphibiox digital campaign lets viewers Control the Weather

Friday November 21, 2014 at 11:28am
Footwear company GEOX is promoting its 2014/15 range of Amphibiox breathable and waterproof shoes with an interactive digital film, You Control the Weather. The film is a potential love story where viewers are repeatedly invited to take actions and make decisions including checking and establishing the different weather conditions the characters have to face and even changing the weather in order to ensure boy meets girl and the end result is happiness. It features hand-crafted 3D camera mapping techniques which allow viewers to zoom in on frozen moments and explore the footwear in 360°. As the camera revolves around, the user can quickly navigate through different conditions to see how each shoe’s unique performance is optimised regardless of the weather. All footwear featured in the film can be purchased at any point in the story with a click-through to the online store. Throughout filming, cast members wear shoes from the F/W 2014-2015 collection, highlighting GEOX’s latest generation of waterproof models. This is GEOX’s third digital campaign for Amphibiox. Its first, a documentary filmed in the village of Cherrapunjee in Northern India, known as 'the rainiest place on the planet', won a Golden Lion at Cannes Lions Festival. The second was mockumentary We made It Rain in 2013, set in a rain–soaked Barcelona. You Control The Weather premièred during the Milan Fashion Week earlier this month and can now be viewed at amphibiox.geox.com and also on You Tube, Pinterest and Facebook. The interactive film was created for GEOX by full service advertising agency SMFB and production company Stinkdigital.
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