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J2O ‘Joy in the Blend’ integrated campaign

Monday November 17, 2014 at 10:19am
Britvic has launched ‘There’s Joy in the blend’, a £2.3m integrated marketing campaign for its soft drink brand J2O, intended to get consumers to make an active choice when it comes to soft drinks. The new communications platform emphasises the extra results you achieve when you mix together two different elements, in J2O’s case two different fruit juices. The campaign will include a brand new TV advert, digital and social activity and experiential and sampling activity. The first of two TV ads aired over the weekend and will initially run for five weeks, with both adverts airing over a twelve month period. The creative concept of the ads blends J’s and O’s that would not normally go together – so the first ad, promoting Orange & Passion Fruit flavour, mixes ‘Jay’s breakdance crew’ with ‘Old Irish folk music’. To support the launch of the new campaign, Britvic will be producing extra content that will be available exclusively online to enable further exposure of the J2O Blends. A new brand website, launched this month, will target consumers in the home by providing simple mixing suggestions which can be created for and with friends. Within the leisure channel, the brand is offering hospitality staff free ‘perfect serve’ training as well as new mixing recipes. Britvic is also extending the range of bottle sizes. Jonathan Gatward, GB marketing director, Britvic Soft Drinks, says: “Our new marketing campaign is a way of retelling how J2O was created – concepts that you wouldn't originally put together but blend perfectly.” The J2O core portfolio includes Orange & Passionfruit, Apple & Mango, and Apple & Raspberry as well as the 2014 winter limited edition, Glitter Berry.
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