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Microsoft’s Cortana powers MacAskill Thames loop-the-loop

Friday November 21, 2014 at 10:31am
Microsoft promoted its Cortana digital assistant for Windows Phone devices earlier this week by supporting world-famous mountain bike trials and stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill in his attempt to perform a loop-the-loop challenge on water. MacAskill successfully rode round a five metre loop on a barge on the Thames in front of one of London’s most iconic landmarks, the London Eye, and illuminating the Cortana logo in the process. Film of the loop-the-loop stunt, including how MacAskill used Cortana throughout his training, is available as free content on the Microsoft Lumia UK YouTube channel. MacAskill is famous for making films showing him performing stunts in various locations, and has worked with brands before to create video content, including the ‘Imaginate’ video collaboration with red Bull which has received over 27 million views and ‘Way Back Home’ which has had over 32 million views. For the loop-the-loop challenge, MacAskill used Cortana as his personal assistant to manage the organisation of the activation, arranging his meetings, setting appointment reminders, playing his favourite music, warning for bad weather and finding maps. Adam Johnson, marketing director, mobile devices at Microsoft, says: “We’ve designed Cortana to be the most personal digital assistant – she adapts to individual personalities, learning by experience to become not only an instant reactive helper, but also an indispensable proactive influence. Danny’s London stunt is proof that she can enable even the most outlandish inspirational ideas to become reality.”
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