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Müller Rice Remix offers ‘Tasty B’ bear collectible

Wednesday November 12, 2014 at 12:40pm
Müller Dairy has been celebrating the launch of its Müller Rice Remix with the offer of a collectible talking “Tasty B” Rapping Bear, the character who appears in its TV ads promoting the product. The Tasty B bear is a plush, talking bear, around 27cm high and 17cm wide, who repeats a range of the phrases the bear in the TV ad uses when activated. Shoppers have to collect eight unique codes from promotional two-packs of Müller Rice Remix, and will then be able to go online to the promotional website at www.mullerrice.com, register their contact details, create an account and start saving codes. Once they have eight, they can claim their bear. The closing date to make a claim is December 31, 2014. The Tasty B rapping bear character was introduced in 2013 when Müller relaunched Müller Rice. His first appearance involved adapting Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ to ‘Rice Rice Baby’. In August 2014, Müller added a split pot variant, Müller Rice Remix, featuring Tasty B on packaging and in advertising. The character also appeared at festivals during the summer, where consumers could have their pictures taken with him, and featured in a range of social media activity including a Twitter ‘Rap Off’ where people could rap lyrics at him and he would respond.
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