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Edenred first to market open value eGiftCard in UK

Friday December 19, 2014 at 3:31pm
Edenred is launching a new eGiftcard which will allow employers to reward employees with electronic vouchers of any value which can be redeemed via mobile, through its retail network. The company claims its eGiftCard is the first open-value gift card to launch in the UK. This means that employers can choose the exact amount they want to load onto the eGiftCard as an alternative to issuing one or more vouchers of fixed-denomination. So the value presented to an employee could reflect something relevant to the occasion or achievement the voucher is marking – the best sales person for 2015 could be given a voucher worth £2,015, for example, while a member of staff celebrating their 21st birthday could receive £21.21. The eGiftCard also allows employees to redem via their mobile phone by showing the barcode or gift card number at the point of sale instead as an alternative to a paper voucher. Beneficiaries will still have the option of printing out copies of their voucher. Andy Philpott, marketing director at Edenred UK, says: “The new eGiftCard will deliver significant benefits to organisations and beneficiaries. For organisations, the opportunity to give instant reward, delivered electronically for any value provides additional flexibility and personalisation in the reward process. For individuals, the eGiftCard means their reward will be with them wherever they go provided they have their mobile phone or tablet with them with a copy of the emailed voucher.” Edenred is an international group which is world leader in prepaid corporate services and designs and manages employee benefits and staff motivation solutions for major companies.
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