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JK Rowling's Lumos charity recruits ‘social media workers’

Friday December 5, 2014 at 12:13pm
Digital marketing agency Think Jam has created a social media platform for J.K. Rowling’s international children’s charity Lumos to get people to become ‘Social Media Workers’ to help children in orphanages and institutions. The Let’s Talk Lumos initiative is part of Lumos’ mission to end the practice of keeping eight million children globally in institutions and so-called orphanages – despite the fact that more than 80% of the children have living relatives and are separated from their families due to poverty, disability or discrimination. Think Jam created the digital architecture for the awareness-raising campaign which was launched at the end of November 2014. To create social stickiness the campaign is unified with the imperative Let’s Talk Lumos, which links and directs conversation threads to a single destination hub (http://wearelumos.org/letstalklumos/) where people can find out more about the charity by using a web-based app. A content-rich user interface directs site visitors to socially sharable content such as videos, case studies, press releases and downloadable social assets, allowing people to help the charity on many different levels as a ‘Social Media Worker’ a concept which was designed specifically for Lumos to engage a global online supporter network. It represents a shift in how charities can target and empower an audience to support, fundraise, donate and spread the word. One of the campaign’s creative elements – reflecting Lumos’ mission to illuminate the lives of institutionalised children – has been to invite people who participated to share self-illuminated portraits bringing light to the subject, aggregated under the hashtag #LetsTalkLumos. Celebrities who have responded include John Bishop, the comedian, and three stars from the Harry Potter films – Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, Warwick Davies, who played Professor Flitwick and Griophook the Goblin, and the Evanna Lynch who portrayed Luna Lovegood. The campaign has swiftly taken off, generating 18,388 mentions of Lumos or #LetsTalkLumos, with an opportunity to see of 172 million in the first week, amplified by the star power of the charity’s founder and president, J.K. Rowling. The app enjoyed viewership of over 3,000 views daily, with activity peaking at 859 users an hour the day of launch. It has inspired members of the public from around the world to join Lumos in the fight against institutionalisation. Georgette Mulheir, Lumos’ chief executive, says: “Ending the institutionalisation of children around the world can be achieved within our lifetime and to do that we need to make people aware of the harm that institutional and orphanage care does to children. We wanted our campaign to be as inclusive as possible, so that anyone can get involved and become part of the solution. Building a groundswell of supporters is vitally important to Lumos’ global campaign to influence governments and policy makers to prioritise family-based care.”
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