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UK Partnership Panel launches

Thursday April 2, 2015 at 2:22pm
A new group has launched to help promote the value of Partnership Marketing and to advise on best practice in creating partnership campaigns. The first task of the new Partnership Panel, which is the brainchild of partnership marketing agency Mediator Communications, was to define what Partnership Marketing is: “Partnership Marketing is the discipline of brands working together to co-create ideas that are collectively more effective for their businesses and more compelling to their consumers” The new panel, which was consists of 10 partnership specialists who will be getting together once a quarter to discuss, debate and share insight on the evolving role of Partnership Marketing. It includes experts from some of the UK’s leading brands and spans a variety of business sectors offering a broad scope of insight. The panel will address how partnerships enable brands to deliver against their own needs and those of consumers, as well as exploring the creative possibilities of bringing together two brand philosophies for co-created projects. The first Partnership Panel session was held on March 19 at Mediator’s London offices. The panellists are: Bob Suppiah, Director of Partnerships, BSkyB; Tanya Easterman, Partnerships & Sponsorships Manager, Odeon Cinema & UCI; Andy Pearcy, Marketing & Communications Director, Farnborough International; Katie Coteman, Partnerships Director, Discovery Network; Dino Myers Lamptey, Head of Strategy, 7Stars; Adrian Varma, Sn. Partnerships & Promotions Manager, Virgin Trains; Tara Honeywell, Managing Director, Mediator; Zoe Jobson, Publisher, Immediate Media; Sam Stone, Partnership Development Director, Arsenal FC; Matt Whigginton, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Whizz Kids. Tara Honeywell of Mediator says: “There's no denying Partnership Marketing is on the increase with brands and agencies reaping the benefits from their strategic and tactical applications. That said, there are limited resources available to understand the discipline and how to get the most from it. With this in mind, I’m really looking forward to working with leading figures in Partnership Marketing to share our collective insight and experience through the Partnership Panel.” Matt Whigginton of Whizz Kids says: “As a partnership professional in the NFP sector, the opportunity to come together with peers from major brands and agencies allows us all to share our broad experience and create thought-provoking output that celebrates the power of partnerships is brilliant and, if we can encourage others to consider the discipline alongside existing marketing methods, then our work here will be done.”
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