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Rockstar to launch Entourage on pack promotion

Friday May 29, 2015 at 3:08pm
AG Barr is backing its Rockstar energy drink brand with a new on-pack promotion linked to Entourage, this summer’s big screen spin-off of the hit American comedy TV series. The promotion, which runs throughout June and July across 10 million 500ml cans, offers shoppers the chance to win a VIP trip to Los Angeles with their entourage via a text-and-win mechanic. The star prize is for four people and includes a private screening of the Entourage movie and a tour of Warner Brothers LA Studios. Hundreds of limited edition Rockstar Entourage T-shirts are also available to be won. Adrian Troy, AG Barr’s Head of Marketing, says: “The Entourage movie is set to be a smash hit this summer and we’re giving people the chance to live like a Rockstar in LA with an on-pack promotion that will really strike a chord with energy drinkers. The last on-pack we ran increased sales by more than 30%, so this is a great opportunity for retailers to increase their energy sales.” The on-pack promotion will run on both plain and great value 99p price-marked packs of the following 500ml big can flavours: Original, Punched Guava, Xdurance Blueberry and Xdurance Electric Fruits. AG Barr says Rockstar is the fastest-growing brand in the UK’s £969m energy drinks sector, according to Nielsen figures. AG Barr – Barr Soft Drinks -- is the UK's leading independent manufacturer of branded soft drinks with an annual turnover of over £261m. Established by Robert Barr in Falkirk in 1875, the company now produces a large range of soft drinks including IRN-BRU, Rubicon exotic juice drinks, KA, Strathmore Spring Water, Snapple (under licence from Snapple Beverage Corp), ROCKSTAR energy drink (under license from Rockstar Inc USA) and Funkin Cocktail mixers.
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