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Boots Pharmaceuticals runs “Insneezia” Petal Nightfall event to highlight nighttime hayfever

Friday June 19, 2015 at 2:34pm
Boots Pharmaceuticals will be releasing a million petals into the air in London’s St Christopher’s Place next Wednesday, 24th June, as part of the first-ever Petal Nightfall event. The experiential activity will give people the chance to dance in a shower of petals to raise awareness of ‘insneezia’ – the insomnia-esque impact of hayfever symptoms at night caused by pollen falling as the sun goes down and the air begins to cool. With London’s pollen levels peaking between 8.00pm and 9.00pm the Petal Nightfall event – which is scheduled for 8.00pm – will highlight the need to take action so hayfever symptoms don’t affect Londoner’s shut-eye. Boots pharmacist Angela Chalmers says: “For many hayfever sufferers their symptoms can become worse in the evening as the pollen in the air falls with the heat of the day. We want people to understand that they can take steps to keep their hayfever in check so they can get a good night’s sleep.”
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