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Kerry Foods Yollies talking key ring on-pack

Friday June 5, 2015 at 8:45pm
Kerry Foods is aiming to drive trial and awareness of its yogurt-on-a-stick brand, Yollies, with the launch of a new marketing campaign including TV advertising during primetime shows, cinema advertising and sponsorship of children’s channel CITV every day until the end of July. The campaign also includes an on-pack promotion offering a talking key ring with two proofs of purchase. Lee Willett, Dairy Marketing Controller at Kerry Foods, says: “Our TV campaign aims to educate consumers that Yollies is a solid yogurt on a stick, available from the chilled aisle, and is like no other yogurt product in the market. To help drive the collectability of the Yollies sticks, we are launching a free talking key-ring on-pack promotion in June with two proofs of purchase. The initiative aims to drive sales for retailers and frequency among consumers by encouraging repeat purchase, with three key-rings to collect.
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