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Muller offers to pay shoppers’ mortgages for a year

Monday June 1, 2015 at 8:32pm
Müller Dairy has launched an on-pack promotion offering people the chance to have their mortgage or rent paid for a year, up to a value of £11,000. The Fairy GoodMüller prize draw launched this week. Consumers can enter by collecting 10 lids from promotional packs of Müller Fruit Corner, Müller Crunch Corner, Müller Rice and Müllerlight and sending them in with their name, address, email address and phone number. Individuals can enter up to four times a week. There will be 11 weekly draws during the promotional period, until August 16th 2015. Entries received after that date and before October 11th 2015 will be entered into a final catch-all draw. The prize is a cheque for £11,000 or the equivalent in Euros for winners in the Republic of Ireland. To comply with Republic of Ireland law, any winners from the Republic will have to correctly answer a qualifying question. If they get it wrong, another winner will be selected, who will then have to get the qualifying question right. Because the situation in Northern Ireland governing the legality of prize draws where products have to be purchased is unclear, Müller has provided a ‘no purchase necessary’ entry route for Northern Irish consumers.
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