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Tetley Super Green teas to sample 500,000

Friday June 5, 2015 at 9:17pm
Tetley has launched a £1 million burst of marketing activity to support its successful range of Tetley Super Green Teas, including sampling to 500,000 consumers. The multimedia campaign features a high-flying Super Gaffer urging shoppers to Super Power their day. Leading with a powerful outdoor campaign, 4,000 strategic sites around the country will feature bold poster adverts. Outdoor will be backed up with a massive sampling campaign supported by tactical print advertising at key railway stations in London, Manchester and Birmingham. Product samples will also be distributed on a number of key women’s titles. The goal is to get 500,000 samples into the hands of target shoppers over the course of the month. Andrew Pearl, Director of Customer and Shopper Marketing at Tetley, says: “We knew that the unique functional elements of this range would appeal to health conscious shoppers. Research shows that Tetley Super Green Teas have one of the highest repeat purchase rates of any NPD; nearly 28% of buyers are completely new to tea. This is good news for the category for not only are we bringing new customers to tea they are making a higher spend per cup so adding value,”
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