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John Smith's offers beer from space as Facebook prize

Friday July 31, 2015 at 11:52am
John Smith's beer is supporting its on-going ‘win a star’ campaign with the offer of the chance to also win one of five cans of beer which have been sent into space (and returned safely). As part of its current marketing campaign, which focuses on the fact that the beer has an ordinary name but is itself not ordinary, John Smith’s is running a competition where people with ordinary names who can demonstrate extraordinary skills can win a star named after themselves in a new ‘constellation’ shaped like a beer glass. Continuing the space theme, on July 30th 2015 the Heineken-owned beer brand teamed up with UK company Sent Into Space, which uses weather balloons to carry cameras and other items to the edge of space, to take a crate of John Smith’s into the stratosphere. The beer spent several days under scientific testing to make sure it was ready for space travel before being launched on its journey. The balloon burst at maximum altitude and the beer and camera parachuted back to Earth. Video footage of the stunt has been posted on John Smith’s YouTube channel and also on Facebook, where John Smith’s fans are being given the chance to win a can of space beer. Ifeoma Dozie, brand director at Heineken UK, says: "We wanted to create something truly extraordinary for beer lovers, that they have never experienced before and most probably will never experience again. The extraordinary journey that John Smith’s has been on proves that it’s a beer that’s only ordinary by name. The super-limited edition run is bound to prove popular with our passionate fans; after all, who wouldn’t want to try beer that’s been to space? We can’t wait to see the reaction." Agencies Cow PR and Adam & Eve are working on the Constellation campaign.
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