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Licor 43 in Samsung VR headset activity

Thursday July 2, 2015 at 2:10pm
Spanish liqueur Licor 43 is supporting its latest TV campaign with a fully immersive consumer experience using a virtual reality headset. Inspired by Licor 43’s latest TV campaign and using Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets, the activity transports consumers into the heart of a Barcelona roof top where consumers can engage in a 360 degree party and enjoy the Spanish surroundings for themselves. Julia Bliss, Licor 43 brand manager at Cellar Trends, says, “As a brand Licor 43 has always prided itself on offering the consumer a full sensory experience, which is why the brand built the multisensory room as part of the Experiencia at the distillery in Cartagena. We’re delighted to now be able to offer that immersion in the brand outside of our HQ and deliver the real flavour of Spain that makes us the number one liqueur in the country.” The headsets enable the brand to offer a whole sensory experience as consumers are able to completely immerse themselves within the heritage of the brand. This technology demonstrates an important shift in drinks marketing as the brand recognises the importance of investing in consumer engagement. Licor 43 launched the headsets at the drinks trade show, Imbibe, in London earlier this week. They will then be rolled out to the Licor 43 Golden Parties throughout the UK, bringing a taste of Spain to British bars throughout the summer.
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