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Rubicon backs ‘Believe in Beach’ campaign with sampling

Monday August 24, 2015 at 4:54pm
Exotic soft drink range Rubicon is backing its new ‘Believe in Beach’ TV campaign with social media and sampling activity. The new TV ad shows how the taste of Rubicon can transport people to the beach and make their dreams come true. The ad, created by shows a couple transported from a dreary shopping centre to an exotic beach paradise in an instant through the power of the taste of Rubicon. To people in the shopping centre, they appear to be frozen in the act of jumping somewhere; a wise onlooker explains to the shopping centre manager that they are ‘beach-dreaming’ and that the exotic taste of Rubicon has made their beach fantasy a reality. The shopping centre manager then tries the drink and is transported to their dream beach himself – only he is wearing a bikini top. The endline is: ‘Rubicon. Believe In Beach.’ Adrian Troy, Head of Marketing at Rubicon’s owner, AG Barr, says: “Our new campaign, the first with BMB, aims to continue the strong growth of the Rubicon brand by encouraging a wider group of consumers to enjoy the exotic Rubicon experience.”
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