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Coke Zero takes ‘drinkable advertising’ campaign to ESPN

Wednesday September 2, 2015 at 10:38am
Coke Zero in the US has launched a new instalment of its drinkable advertising campaign which sees the brand partnering with ESPN’s ‘College Game Day.’ The drinkable advertising campaign, created by Ogilvy & Mather, aims to deliver Coke Zero samples to consumers through a number of different channels, including a specially created billboard. Coca-Cola research had shown that many people claimed to not like Coke Zero without ever having tasted it. The campaign launched in April during March Madness (the basketball equivalent of American Football’s SuperBowl tournament) and offered a variety of ways consumers could get to sample Coke Zero. The most literal manifestation of the drinkable advertising campaign was a 23,000-pound, 26-by-36 foot drinkable billboard located at March Madness Music Festival in White River State Park in Indianapolis. The billboard appeared to magically dispense ice-cold Coke Zero from a massive contour bottle through 4,500 feet of straw tubing that spells out “Taste It” before delivering it to a free sampling station on the ground. Other drinkable campaign elements in the original March Madness campaign included a TV commercial where viewers could use music recognition app Shazam to get mobile coupons sent to their smartphones; drinkable in-stadium HD video boards, similar to the giant poster; drinkable interactive mall kiosks; drinkable flyers with straws attached entitling consumers to free Coke Zeros; and brand ambassadors dressed as Coke Zero vending machines randomly rewarding passers-by with free Coke Zero. The new version of the campaign will include many of the elements of the original campaign, such as ads that prompt viewers to use Shazam. Those who use the music recognition app will see a Coke Zero pouring on TV pour into the glass on their smartphone and will then be delivered a coupon. The brand is rolling out 10 football-themed spots, featuring ESPN personalities such as Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. At ESPN ‘Game Day’ sites, ‘drinkable jerseys’ will be handed out to select college students. Social media elements will include ‘drinkable content’ with coupons related to ‘Game Day’ broadcasts. Coupons for a free bottle can be redeemed at retailers including Domino’s and 7-Eleven.
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