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Commuters discover Oreo wonder at the end of the rainbow

Tuesday September 8, 2015 at 11:52am
Mondelez biscuit brand Oreo is launching an experiential campaign that brings to life the new ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign and supports the launch of the new Golden Oreos variant. Wonderfilled is a colourful new campaign designed to reawaken the inner child in everyone and ‘let wonder loose on the UK’. The new experiential campaign brings to life the essence of Wonderfilled by transforming staircases into rainbow slides to subvert the expected commuter journey, turning it into something unexpected. People will also have the opportunity to trial new Golden Oreos. The experiential campaign has been planned and executed by creative agency HeyHuman. Daniel Kessler, Oreo Brand Manager at Mondel?z International, says: “As kids, we have that sense of wonder in how we see the world, but as adults we sometimes have to be reminded that often it’s the little things that can brighten our days. The Wonderfilled campaign has been designed to remind adults how a small thing like an Oreo and using a little imagination can brighten their perspective.” Aimee Okafor, HeyHuman Director – Experiential, adds: “We wanted to create an idea to connect people with Oreo and add value to the mundanity of people’s commute, to launch new Golden Oreos through a fun and memorable experience.” The Wonderfilled campaign was originally launched in the US in 2013, and revolves around encouraging adults to look at the world in the same way that they did when they were children. Mondelez said at the time that the campaign is intended to move Oreo from a cookie brand to a global icon by associating it with ideas and feelings, as Nike has done. Oreo launched Wonderfilled in the UK this past July, with a TV ad encouraging Brits to release their inner child and set wonder loose. The TV campaign is part of a £2.1m campaign based around the premise "I wonder if I gave an Oreo to…", which aims to imagine how sharing an Oreo could transform every day everyday experiences. The TV spot showed how, with Oreos, the 'Big Bad Wolf' would have helped the 'three little pigs' build their decking, rather than blow their house down. The campaign also includes video-on-demand, social, sampling and in-store promotions. HeyHuman is one of London’s largest independent marketing agencies with core specialisms in brand and content ideation, mobile, social, live and shopper. Current clients include Sony Mobile, Unilever, Diageo, Mars, Morrisons, Suntory, Slimfast and Danone.
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