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Savvy: Easter spend likely to hit £775m

Thursday March 24, 2016 at 8:29am
Shoppers expect to see retailers putting on a show over Easter, with in-store egg hunts, recipe ideas, sampling and activities for kids, according to new research from leading retail and shopper marketing agency Savvy. Easter has become a major shopping occasion for UK shoppers, the survey of 1,000 household shopping decision makers found, meaning spending around the occasion is expected to reach £775m, with the dicounters likely to get a significant share of the spend. Alastair Lockhart, insight director at Savvy Marketing, comments: “Sales of chocolate eggs are set to outperform this year, contributing to overall Easter market growth. While the core mid-market for eggs remains incredibly competitive on price, especially as value retailers continue to scale up their Easter offers, demand for premium eggs looks set to build on the momentum set by the likes of Marks and Spencer and Hotel Chocolat last year.” Lockhart also points out that shoppers are planning specific visits to the discounters this Easter. Lockhart says: “Aldi in particular is delivering bigger events, supported by growing ranges and stronger in-store execution.” Aldi has just launched a special Easter TV ad, featuring a child going on a magical journey through an edible world made of Aldi Easter treats to a soundtrack of ‘My Favourite Things’ (see picture). Key research findings: What do shoppers expect from retailers? Topping the wish lists this Easter with 47%, was instore food sampling. New ideas to try (recipes etc) came in second place with 44%. In third and fourth place respectively were instore egg hunts (29%) and inspiration for things to do with kids (26%). Who will be celebrating the event? 66% of UK shoppers will be getting involved in the event (72% of women versus 57% of men) – up one percentage point on 2015 figures. 69% of shoppers agree that Easter is a special day and 72% say that they are looking forward to spending time with their families. 54% of shoppers don’t mind spending more to make the Easter weekend more special. How will shoppers who are planning to celebrate Easter be spending? 68% say that they know where they can find the best value eggs. 51% of shoppers typically plan in advance what they’ll be buying for the Easter weekend. 34% said they’d be trading up to purchase more expensive food and drinks for the Easter weekend. 42% said they would be shopping at a discounter for Easter eggs and dinner ingredients. 32% are planning to purchase Easter products and cards at the last minute. 29% are planning on spending more on Easter goods this year. What will Easter shoppers be buying? 79% of shoppers planning to purchase Easter eggs this year. 28% will be buying the ingredients for a roast dinner. 27% will be buying chocolate and 18% will be purchasing an Easter cake. On the non-food front, 13% of shoppers will buy Easter cards, 13% will buy flowers and six% will purchase a cuddly toy. Games, making kits and baking kits also featured on shoppers lists, although less frequently. Savvy is a leading creative, retail and shopper marketing agency that places shopper, retail and brand insight at the centre of everything they do. The post Savvy: Easter spend likely to hit £775m appeared first on Promomarketing. ]]>
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