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London Cabs can’t say No To Mentos

Monday April 11, 2016 at 7:55pm
Mentos has taken its ‘Who Says No to Mentos’ campaign to the streets of London with a high profile taxi takeover activation.This latest promotional campaign follows billboard advertising, interactive photo booths and extensive city centre branding in Birmingham and Manchester.Launched in mid-March and running until mid-April, the latest month-long activity is aimed at promoting Mentos Choco & Caramel and Mentos Choco & Mint rolls and will see Mentos branding applied to 100 of the capital’s black taxis.‘Who Says No to Mentos’ messaging is appearing on both sides of the taxis and on the underside of the tip-seats. Every driver will also treat their customers to a roll of Mentos Choco to share.Mentos fans who spot one of the black cabs cruising around London, take a picture and then upload it to the Mentos Facebook page will get the chance to win one of five Mentos goodie bags.People who take a ride in one of the cabs and share a selfie of themselves using the hashtag #MentosLondon to the Mentos Facebook Page get the chance to win a year’s supply of Mentos Choco.Mentos Brand Manager Claire Powley says: “Our ‘Who Says No to Mentos’ campaign has been a big hit so far, and as London is such an important hub for our audience, it was an obvious choice for the next phase. Taxi drivers are renowned for their ability to chat to anyone and make instant connections – the perfect partner for Mentos – and black cabs offer us a fantastic platform to carry our messaging and raise brand visibility in a high impact way.”The post London Cabs can’t say No To Mentos appeared first on Promomarketing.]]>
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