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Brexit: IPM view

Friday June 24, 2016 at 5:17pm
Brexit: decision to leave

Brexit: View from the IPM  

At the IPM, we have been gathering views and opinions on the EU Referendum decision which was announced this morning. As a key part of the self-regulatory process, the IPM will be here to advise you on what this means for you and your businesses. We do not foresee any immediate harm to the advertising regulatory systems as advertising codes are based on a well-established system that we impose on ourselves, continuing our public industry commitment to high standards.  

Graham Temple, Chairman of the IPM gives his reaction to the news today “With the decision to exit the EU this morning,  the promotional marketing community will be assessing how this will impact us, our members, our businesses and our brands. It is clear that once we have absorbed and rationalised  the initial news, we will start the process of looking at what happens next. With a potentially long process ahead, the IPM is engaged with our close working partners in the UK and Europe.  

The UK boasts some of the most creative, problem solving minds on the planet and when it comes to promotional marketing, we have demonstrated for decades tenacity and versatility to overcome barriers that present themselves.  

Disruption provides the best growth opportunities and adaptability is key to the UK creative industry to staying on top – it’s in our DNA.  

Temple reminds us of the need for calm and measured approaches. "Now is the time for sound, rational thought about our future and the IPM will be working with our trade body partners to ensure a measured and cohesive approach is taken across the industry. What is clear is that the immediate action on how we regulate ourselves will be less dramatic as key changes will take time to work themselves through, bearing in mind that we will need to trigger the process ourselves first”  

The IPM issued guidance on how the CAP Code may be affected by an exit and we will update this guidance shortly. Please contact the IPM’s legal team should you require any further information about the immediate impact on your campaigns.   If you have any views or comments you would like to share, please let us know via contact@theipm.org.uk.

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