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GLACÉAU geo-targeted DOOH push

Friday September 16, 2016 at 10:51am
GLACÉAU smartwater is running a geo-targeted ‘hyper-local’ Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) campaign which shares tips from celebrities, fashion experts and other influencers with Londoners who are within 500 metres of a beacon-equipped poster site.Launched at the start of September 2016 and running for the entire month in affluent Chelsea and trendy Hoxton, the outdoor ad units will alert nearby users with information like the tastiest brunch in Chelsea or the trendiest pedicure in Hoxton. The Coca-Cola-owned enhanced water brand says it “aims to distil the very best bits of London into ‘on-the-go’ recommendations for busy urbanites.”The ads will alert consumers within 500 metres to check out top tips from London based influencers, including blogger Reem Kanj and stylist Roxie Nafousi. Smartphone users with a range of partner apps installed will receive a push notification encouraging them to click and discover top recommendations in the area.The creative follows the GLACÉAU smartwater summer outdoor marketing campaign, which aimed to bring a sense of simplicity to the complex through placing smart and witty outdoor adverts across London.Bryony Lester, Senior Brand Manager at GLACÉAU smartwater, commented: “We’re using advanced technology to distil insiders’ knowledge about their favourite areas of London. Through working with new innovations, we have created a simple way for busy city dwellers to receive interesting content that they can enjoy in their local area.”The beacon technology has been implemented by Kinetic Worldwide, global leaders in contextually activating audiences on the move, in partnership with Tamoco, Proxama and JCDecaux.Kinetic’s Director of Innovation, Rosh Singh, added: “The use of beacons in the London: Distilled campaign is not only groundbreaking, but also exactly what brands should be aspiring to do – hyperlocal media, serving useful content in innovative ways. The perfect use of ‘push’ messaging and beacons.”GLACÉAU Smartwater is the first bottled water brand in the UK to use a unique method of vapour distillation, using British spring water in its evaporation, condensation, and precipitation process. A combination of electrolytes is then added resulting in a distinctive taste.The post GLACÉAU geo-targeted DOOH push appeared first on Promomarketing.]]>
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