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Hasbro Bop It! roadshow

Thursday November 17, 2016 at 9:27am
Hasbro is running a shopping centre tour across the UK in the run up to Christmas to showcase the cutting-edge motion technology in its new Bop It! game, giving consumers the chance to try out its 10 new ‘moves’ and share the fun through social media.Bop It! delivers a series of commands that players must follow to win. The classic pull it, twist it and bop it actions have now grown to include a whole new range of moves, such as Whip It, Drink It, Selfie It, Answer It, Hammer It, Sing It, Golf It, Cradle It, Comb It and Saw It! And the autumn 2016 Bop It! experience, created and run by real world marketing agency Sense, challenges shoppers to try the new actions and ‘prove they’ve got the moves’.“The central feature of this fun and cheeky 10-week tour is the ‘GIF It A Go!’ booth, where visitors can try out the latest Bop It! moves and have them turned into a funny GIF video for social sharing,” explained Sense Senior Account Director Nick Swift. “Those who share their GIFs online get a chance to win their choice of Hasbro Gaming games, while a partnership with toy retailer The Entertainer pushes consumers in-store to collect their prizes.”The Bop It! experience will be live at UK shopping centres across October, November and into December.The post Hasbro Bop It! roadshow appeared first on Promomarketing.]]>
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