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Tweet to save DeFrosty the Snowman!

Tuesday December 6, 2016 at 4:58pm
Integrated agency BBD Perfect Storm is challenging people to keep DeFrosty the Snowman ‘alive’ by tweeting to power the freezer he resides in. BBD Perfect Storm will spread further goodwill by donating 10p to Evelina Children’s Hospital for every tweet.DeFrosty, a real snowman complete with scarf and carrot nose, is on display in his very own freezer cabinet to prevent him from melting. The freezer is part of a new interactive installation in the Old Street, London, based agency’s shop window.The cabinet’s power is dependent on people tweeting using the hashtag #KeepDeFrostyAlive to stop DeFrosty melting away. Each tweet provides ten minutes of power to preserve DeFrosty’s smiling features.The agency has also installed a camera to live-stream all the action from inside DeFrosty’s freezer and to capture the reactions of people as they walk past the eye-catching wintery window display.DeFrosty will take over the @bbdperfectstorm Twitter and Instagram accounts until he melts away. He also has his own microsite, www.keepdefrostyalive.com, which displays the live stream, temperature information, and the power left in the freezer.Danny Daley of BBD Perfect Storm says: “2016 has stolen enough from us already. We can’t let it take away the magic of Christmas too. Londoners don’t often experience the sheer joy of building a Christmas snowman so we’re building our very own to bring the festive feeling right to the heart of Old Street.”The post Tweet to save DeFrosty the Snowman! appeared first on Promomarketing.]]>
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