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Below are a list of recent news articles courtesy of PromoMarketing.info. Click a news story for more details.

Obesity Strategy Update
Thursday August 18, 2016
The publication of the Government’s long awaited Childhood Obesity Strategy today has been met with mixed views from campaigners, health experts and the public. The strategy has been criticised for being ‘light touch’ and not going far enough in tackling the childhood obesity crisis. The measures highlighted in the strategy including  a soft drinks levy  an introduction of a sugar reduction programme to remove sugar fr.... Read More..
CAP Code: Public Consultation Launched
Thursday May 12, 2016
CAP have today published a public consultation to make key changes to the CAP Code following investigation into childhood obesity and societal issues. The IPM, as part of the CAP Committee, has been working closely on these proposals with CAP.Here, we explain more about what is happening and why these changes are important to our Members.  Available evidence shows that advertising has a modest effect on children’s food preferences.... Read More..
Sugar Tax: update
Friday April 1, 2016
Whilst the decision to place a tax on manufacturers thathelps fund primary school health and fitness initiatives can only be seen as asensible move, the educational piece that could and should have been added tothis remit is missing. With news this morning that we have more obese adults in the world than are underweight, the Government here will be under even more pressure to create a fast-acting tipping point.Our industry has been gearing up and.... Read More..