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The IPM and CoppaFeel!

The IPM has named CoppaFeel! as its first ever official charity, and will be hosting a range of awareness and fundraising activities  going forward.

CoppaFeel! is the only charity in the UK specifically dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer amongst young people (particularly those aged 18 to 30). 

Its aim is to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer by ensuring that people know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, know what their breasts look and feel like normally, check them regularly throughout their lifetime and have the confidence to seek medical referral when they detect abnormalities. 

CoppaFeel! was founded in October 2009 by Kristin Hallenga, who now has inoperable tumours on her spine after doctors failed to spot breast cancer not once, but twice. She was 23 when she went to the doctors and at 27 she has made it her mission for the past 4 years to remind young women and men alike to CoppaFeel! 

Kris Hallenga, founder and chief executive officer of CoppaFeel!, says: 

‘It’s very exciting that the IPM has decided to support CoppaFeel! as its first ever official charity. Not just because so many of those in the industry are our target audience, but because we’re also looking forward to seeing the creative ways in which they support us. We hope that by becoming the IPM’s official charity, all members’ employees start checking their boobs… It’s fun and it could also save your life.’ 

Becky Munday, Board Director of the IPM, says: “A lot of people working in our industry are in CoppaFeel!’s target audience, and if we can help get CoppaFeel!’s message out to them, we could save some lives. What’s more, there’s a lot that IPM members could learn from CoppaFeel’s promotions about delivering a difficult message through innovative and fun communications channels that resonate with young people.”

Munday adds: “I’d like to challenge IPM members – brand owners, agencies and service partners alike – to come up with some original and effective ways to help CoppaFeel! get its message across, whether that’s to their own staff or to the public. We can’t let embarrassment or ignorance continue to kill people.” 

CoppaFeel! is run by young people, for young people. It engages its target audience innovatively, removing the ‘scare’ factor and talking about boobs (rather than breasts) in an open and honest way. 

In the last month, it has released its iCoppaFeel! app, which allows iPhone users to receive lighthearted reminders to check their boobs on a specific day, to instil a long-term healthy habit, and launched a new campaign, #rethinkcancer (which focuses on introducing cancer education and awareness in schools) by projecting a giant image of the three UK party leaders onto the Houses of Parliament, with the slogan ‘1 in 3 are diagnosed: #rethinkcancer’. CoppaFeel! is calling on MPs to back the statutory provision of cancer education in schools as part of the National Curriculum.

For more information on CoppaFeel!, visit www.coppafeel.org.