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2017 30 Under 30 Resources

As this year builds, we have built a resource point for 30 Under 30 Class of 2017. Each link takes you to places to explore, read and further your own thinking based on your favoured areas.

We have included links to presentations you have seen together with any other relevant resources.

If you have a suggestion for the page, please get in touch on 020 3848 0444.

Presentations & Resources 


Session Link 

Account Management: Effective Communications         

Jill Lorimer


Pitching & Procurement

Paul Morrissey 


Time Management / Action Priority Matrix                    

Victoria Walsh / The Believe Consultancy



Effectiveness Week including Resources  
EACA July Update - What An Agency Needs to Know  



Useful Quick Links

Promotional Marketing and its Role in IMC               Mark Ritson: The era of price promotions is over                       
Objectives, Strategy and Tactics
    Mark Ritson: Tactics without strategy is dumbing down our discipline
Current Trends & Influences
    Why Advertisers & Agencies aren't seeing eye to eye
      The Four-Letter Code to Selling Just About Anything: What makes things cool?
Psychology of Behaviour Change
    Why it's time for marketers to recognise the power of now

Useful Videos


Understanding Audiences & Channels            

  Sport England - 'This Girl Can'
Objectives, Strategy and Tactics

  Dave Trott on the Binary Brief

  Lurpak Cook's Range - Advert

  Lurpak at Waterloo

  Mark Ritson's Top 10 Biggest Marketing Moments of 2016
Risk Management

  Donald Rumsfeld Unkown Unknowns

  Rugby Jackpot - Crossbar Challenge
Psychology of Behaviour Change

Secrets From The Science of Persuasion

Useful Articles

Promotional Marketing and its Role in IMC               
    Eagle Eye wins John Lewis contract        
      Malibu turns its bottles into a digital touchpoint
Current Trends & Influences
    Ritson: P&G's Marc Pritchard has made the biggest marketing speech for 20 years
      Mark Ritson: Is content marketing a load of bollocks?
Psychology of Behaviour Change     What's the state of influencer marketing in 2017?
      Pregnant smokers quit habit if paid, says report

Embrace Life: W​ear your seatbelt

Time Management Resources      Victoria Walsh        


Recommended Reading List 

Author      Link        
Byron Sharp                                                                           How Brands Grow         
Richard H Thaler, Cass R Sunstein                        Nudge
Robert B Cialdini     The Psychology Influence of Persuasion        
 Phil Barden     Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy
 Viv Craske      Surviving Digital Disruption
Daniel Kahneman     Thinking Fast and Slow 
 Adam Ferrier      The Advertising Effect - How To Change Behaviour 
IPA Publications 

Behavioural Economics

 Malcom Gladwell      The Tipping Point        
M & C Saatchi      Brutal Simplicity of Thought