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The IPM COGS Awards 2017 Sponsors

The IPM would like to thank our generous sponsors of The IPM COGS Awards 2017.

More about POD Staffing:  

POD Staffing are experts in event staffing across the UK & Ireland experiential market. Formed in 2010 ​with a unique, personal approach to staffing. Their senior management team has a rich wealth of experience in all types of event staffing: in store, guerrilla, PR stunts and road-shows.  

POD Staffing recruit, train, motivate and retain the very best people in the industry.  

POD maintain a reputation for fair and ​respected treatment with their staff; installing a greater level of commitment when representing POD in the field. With an industry leading payment plan – staff want to work for Pod!  

POD focus entirely on staffing, with no distractions for senior management whilst maintaining strong longstanding partnerships for logistics and operations so ​they can offer whatever package clients need when it comes to implementing a campaigns at the highest standards.  

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