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The IPM COGS Awards 2017 Sponsors

The IPM would like to thank our generous sponsors of The IPM COGS Awards 2017.


Wing Lee Creative provides diverse marketing services including the latest in digital and web-based marketing.  

They’ve provided product sourcing for many well-known campaigns but invariably the product’s success rested on the strength of the underlying concept. So now Wing Lee have gone back to the origin, offering everything from logo development to special events and even story writing.

As the world embraces digital and A.I. it will conversely create a demand for heritage and humanity. Creativity will drill back to ideas with longevity and substance. Their ideation holistically considers old and new ways to engage customers meaningfully for success.

Do you spend hours chasing and scheduling crew? Feel like your time could be spent more effectively? So do Liveforce. Liveforce know the frustrations involved in scheduling crew - hours confined to the office, mostly on the phone, relying on spreadsheets and whiteboards to schedule and plan.  Liveforce scoured that market for software that was efficient and responsive, that could handle incredibly complex schedules, that had the ability to streamline communication, and above all, it had to be mobile. It didn’t exist. So Liveforce made it. Liveforce is a fully automated crew booking, scheduling and management app, designed by and for event professionals.

POD Staffing are experts in event staffing across the UK & Ireland experiential market. Formed in 2010 ​with a unique, personal approach to staffing. Their senior management team has a rich wealth of experience in all types of event staffing: in store, guerrilla, PR stunts and road-shows.  

POD Staffing recruit, train, motivate and retain the very best people in the industry.  

POD maintain a reputation for fair and ​respected treatment with their staff; installing a greater level of commitment when representing POD in the field. With an industry leading payment plan – staff want to work for Pod!  

POD focus entirely on staffing, with no distractions for senior management whilst maintaining strong longstanding partnerships for logistics and operations so ​they can offer whatever package clients need when it comes to implementing a campaigns at the highest standards.