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IMC Awards: Finalists 2016

 81 finalists have been selected in this year’s IMC European Awards for Integrated Marketing Communications, representing 31 agencies from 5 countries. All finalists are winners of national integrated marketing competitions. Ireland is leading with 25 finalists, followed by Czech Republic (18), Belgium (16), Italy (11) and United Kingdom (11).

IMCC Chairman, Ondrej Gottwald, said, “I am really grateful for the agencies’ high interest in the IMC European Awards and the high number of entries during my chairmanship. I am delighted that our industry is doing well across Europe. Beside the commercial campaigns, I highly value campaigns with positive social impact. I really like to see that these campaigns are recognised and rewarded by industry professionals.”     

According to IMC European Awards Chair, Renate Vogt, "The jury has had a tough job judging more than 100 cases of the best work from all member countries. The quality overall was very good with some completely different cases in the categories. We have seen  extremely creative cases for retail and automotive which were clearly different from the usual ones and some cases  based on an extremely good strategy and excellent execution in all categories. Some cases, however, missed solid results in relation to the objectives."    The first round selection was made by a jury panel made up of 45 leading industry professionals across Europe. The second round jury, comprised of IMCC Council member representatives, took place in Naples on 23 September. This year’s winners will be announced in December.

With the UK boasting 11 finalists, December's winning announcement will be an exciting time to understand where the winners will fall. 

The IMC Awards are only available for entry from the UK if you are an IPM Award winner from the current year. To find out more about the IPM's Award schemes, please contact the Awards team on 020 7291 7730.