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Entry Information 2016

IPM Awards: Please call us if you still want to submit your entry. Call us on 020 7291 7730 or email awards@theipm.org.uk if you need help or assistance with your entries - we can still take submissions for a very limited time. 

The IPM Awards are open to all IPM Members and non-Members. If you need help or advice, please call the IPM team on 020 7291 7730 or email us on awards@theipm.org.uk



Richard Pink

Head of Awards, Judging & Entries




  • Read the full category description carefully and make sure your campaign is relevant
  • Read the judging criteria and make sure you tailor your entry to fit what the judges will be looking for
  •  Look at previous winning campaigns for best practis
  • Watch out for more tips on @IPMAwards and the IPM Facebook page 
  • If you are in doubt at all email us here


  • Make sure that the ‘promotional’ element of the campaign is clear to the judges – be explicit.
  • Remember that some of the judges may not be experts in your field so explain things clearly and keep your entry jargon free 
  • Make sure your objectives clear and that the results directly to the objectives
  • Be concise and use bullets rather than wordy narrative         


  • Put in solid supporting evidence of results. Upload collateral and evidence to show the judges your great work 
  • ‘Sell’ your campaign but don’t overclaim – the judges will spot that!  
  • Make sure your 'Winner's Speech' and 'Why should I win' sections sparkle and tell the judges what they need to know


  • For campaigns being entered into more than one category make sure you tailor the entry for each category – remember each category may have a different judging criteria so dont just ‘copy and paste’
  • Don’t rush it – treat it like you would a client. Don’t just spell check – proofread!

Download a copy of the Call for Entries here


Richard Dutton, Head of Brand Experience Leo Burnett 

Paul McGann, Director Brass Agency 
Penny Humphery, Head of Marketing: Cathedral Group

 1. Keep it brief and to the point. As a judge you read a lot of entries,  waffling on does you no favours!              

 2. Make sure the results you show match your objectives 

 3. Make sure any visuals you show add to the story you are telling

Joanne Varey, Managing Director: Granby Marketing


 1. Assume that the judges haven’t seen the campaign 

 2. Include visuals and examples of what the customer sees 

 3. Clearly set out objectives and results against them 



Neil Hooper, Creative Director
The Circle Agency
Branwell Johnson, Director
Cockpit Content

Graham Burt
Motivations & Communications Consultant
Joe Sheppard, Director
Pod Staffing
Peter Rumsey, Managing Director
James Rix, Director
Andrew Rae, Head of Promotions
The Black Tomato Agency
John Pearson, Managing Director
TLC - Judging On Pack Promotions

Neil Barnes, Managing Director
Mark Davies, Managing Director

Lilach Bullock, Partner
Comms Axis
Randle Stonier, CEO
Adding Value
John Pearson, Managing Director
TLC - Judging Panel for Partnership Marketing


Neil Hooper, Creative Director
The Circle Agency