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IPM Awards 2019

Download your Entry Pack
All the information you will need to enter the IPM Awards 2019 is available in our Entry Pack, which you can download by clicking on the button below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Serife Gul on 020 3848 0445 or at serifeg@theipm.org.uk



What’s it all about?
The IPM Awards 2019 exists to recognise and reward brilliantly effective, insightful and creative campaigns in the promotional marketing and brand activation space. Work that really worked. Ideas to be properly proud of. Campaigns that deserve to be celebrated.

The very best our industry has to offer, in fact.


Are your campaigns eligible?
Your campaigns are eligible for the IPM Awards 2019 if you answer “yes” to the below three questions:

  1. Did your campaign aim to drive a specific, demonstrable human behaviour i.e. get someone to do something – buy, try, share, play, collect, visit, download, create, recommend, trade, donate…?
  2. Was an experience, incentive or interaction used to influence that desired behaviour?
  3. Does your campaign have measurable results that were (or can be) used to establish its effectiveness?

And not forgetting:

  • Any campaign that started in 2017 is eligible as long as it was also live in 2018.
  • Any campaign that has not concluded at the time of entry is also eligible, but entrants should ensure they have enough robust measurement data to support the entry.
  • If your campaign has already won an IPM Award in a previous year, it’s a no go – sorry.


Key dates 

Monday 7th January:             Call for entries, ‘early bird’ discount period opens
Monday 14th January, 1pm:   ‘How to write a killer entry’ webinar
Friday 1st February, 6pm:       Deadline for judge applications
Monday 4th February:        Standard rate entry period opens
Monday 4th March:                 Late rate entry phase begins
Friday 15th March, 6pm:      Closing date for entries
April and early May:                Judging
Thursday 9th May:               Shortlist announced
Thursday 4th July:                  Gala presentation dinner


Judging criteria*

All categories will be judged against the following weighted criteria (see Entry Pack for full details): 

  • Strategy & Insight
  • Scope & Ambition
  • Concept & Execution
  • Results & Effectiveness
  • Budget & ROI




  1. Food: Ambient
  2. Food: Chilled & Frozen 
  3. Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  4. Alcoholic Beverages
  5. Household, Health, Beauty & Fashion
  6. Telecoms, Mobile & Home Tech
  7. Automotive, Appliances & Utilities
  8. Travel & Tourism, Leisure, Recreation & Media
  9. Physical Retail, E-Commerce, Hotels, Cafes, Bars/Pubs & Restaurants
  10. Finance & Professional Services
  11. Not-For-Profit, Charity & the Public Sector
  12. Business-To-Business


  1. On or With Pack Activation
  2. Experiential Activation in or Near a Retail Environment
  3. Experiential Activation at a Non-Retail Public Space, Event or Festival
  4. Shopper Activation in an Owned Retail Environment
  5. Shopper Activation in a Third Party Retail Environment
  6. Brand Partnership, Licensing or Sponsorship Activation
  7. Social Media, Digital or Direct Marketing Activation
  8. Incentive, Loyalty, Reward or Motivation Programme


  1. Trial, Acquisition
  2. Repeat Purchase
  3. New Product Launch
  4. Engagement, Word of Mouth
  5. Special European Industry Award (in collaboration  with EACA)** NEW!


  1. Insight, Strategy NEW!
  2. Integrated, Multi-Touchpoint
  3. Creative Execution
  4. Digital, Tech, Innovation
  5. Small Budget
  6. Team of the Year* NEW!

E. SPECIALS (automatic entry)

  1. Agency of the Year***
  2. Brand of the Year****
  3. Grand Prix*****


Fancy being a judge?

We want people who are passionate about the promotional marketing and brand activation industry, and the great work it produces, to be our judges. If you’d like to be part of this process and have a hand in rewarding the very best campaigns of the past year, then please complete our 2 minute application form below.

We’ll make a fuss of you, you’ll get to see some brilliant work and meet some really interesting people. So what are you waiting for?!  

The deadline for applications is 6pm on Friday 1st February. Not all applications will be accepted. If you have been selected, we will email you by 6pm on Friday 15th February.  

The judging process is split into two phases:

  1. ONLINE: You will be asked to score all entries against the supplied criteria in no more than three of the four category groups (A to D above). The online judging platform opens at 9am on Monday 1st April and closes at 6pm on Friday 26th April. Each judge will be able to set up their own personal login details and can come and go to the site as many times as they like during this period (judges’ scores will be saved on a session-by-session basis).
  2. IN PERSON: The judging groups, each led by a pre-selected Chair and overseen by our head of awards, Richard Pink, will meet in a single location either in Manchester on Tuesday 30th April (one session: 8.30am to midday) or in London on Wednesday 1st May (one of two sessions: 8.30am to midday or 1pm to 4.30pm) to determine the final allocation of trophies.



We have frozen our 2018 Standard rate entry prices for 2019 and introduced an ‘early bird’ rate. We’re nice like that. Details as follows:  

‘Early bird’ rate (Monday 7th January to Sunday 3rd February):
10% discount against the Standard rate
Members = £346.50 + VAT for one entry
Non-Members = £450.00 + VAT per entry

Standard rate (Monday 4th February to Sunday 3rd March)
Members = £385.00 + VAT for one entry
Non-Members = £500.00 + VAT per entry    

Late rate (Monday 4th March to 6pm Friday 15th March*):
20% levy on the Standard rate
Members = £462.00 + VAT for one entry
Non-Members = £600 + VAT per entry  

Volume discounts for IPM Members (applied at the closing date, not applicable to Non-Members):
2-5 entries = 5% discount
6-10 entries = 10% discount
11+ entries = 15% discount

If one of your campaigns has been awarded Campaign of the Week via IPM Bitesize in 2018, you will receive a further 20% discount on the above rates against one entry of that campaign.  

If one of your campaigns has been awarded Campaign of the Month via IPM Bitesize in 2018, you are entitled to one free entry of that campaign.  

All IPM Awards 2019 winners will have access to the IMC Europe Awards 2019, while all our Gold winners will receive a 20% discount against one IMC entry (closing date for entries: Friday 16th August 2019).


Become a sponsor

We are looking to secure a small, select number of sponsors for the IPM Awards 2019. As well as gala tickets and branding, all sponsors will receive significant content exposure across the full and extensive range of IPM communications before, during and after the gala event on 4th July.  

If you would like more information on our broad range of sponsorship packages, please email Sidiqa Hazara at sidiqah@theipm.org.uk or Nick Sibley at nicks@theipm.org.uk, or call 020 3848 0444.


* Full definitions and guidance to be supplied in the Entry Pack on 7th January and in the webinar on 14th January.  

** Entries in this category will be judged against the standard criteria by a specially selected panel made up of employees of EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies).  

*** The trophy in this category (Gold only) will be awarded to the agency which has received the most ‘trophy points’, where a Gold = 3 points, a Silver = 2 points and a Bronze = 1 point. An additional point will be added for the Grand Prix winner.  

**** The trophy in this category (Gold only) will be awarded to the brand which has received the most ‘trophy points’, where a Gold = 3 points, a Silver = 2 points and a Bronze = 1 point. An additional point will be added for the Grand Prix winner.  

***** The trophy in this category (Gold only) will be awarded to the campaign that, in the opinion of the judging Chairs, is the best of all the campaigns to have been awarded a Gold in groups A to C.