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The IPM Awards 2017 Terms and Conditions

1. THE AWARDS 2017 are open to any promotional marketing campaign that has run in any market worldwide, has been created and executed by an agency based in the UK, during the calendar year 2016. Campaigns that started in 2015 are eligible as long as the activity continued into 2016. Campaigns which have not concluded at the time of entry are also eligible, but entrants should ensure they have enough robust data to support the entry.

2. Campaigns that have been entered in a previous year’s IPM Awards and won an award are prohibited from entry into THE AWARDS 2017. An exception will be made if a previously successful campaign has been run again with significant changes. 

3. A promotional marketing campaign is defined as “any marketing initiative, the purpose of which is to create a call to action that has a direct and positive impact on the behaviour of a targeted audience by offering a demonstrable, though not necessarily tangible, incentive or benefit.” 

4. IPM membership is not a requirement of entry, although members receive significant reductions in entry fees.

5.  Campaigns can be entered by brand owners, agencies, consultants or service providers, provided that all necessary permissions have been obtained in writing from the brand owner. 

6. The deadline for entries is 23:59 on Tuesday 28th February 2017 (the “Closing Date”). The IPM, at its discretion will allow entries to be submitted after this date until 19:00 on Friday March 24th 2017. These entries must have been started before the Closing Date and each entry submitted will be subject to a £100+VAT administration charge in addition to any entry fee incurred. The charge is non-negotiable. All arrangements for late submission must be agreed with the IPM. No entries will be accepted after 24th March 2016. 

7. Pricing:

Member Entries

1 Entry: £385+VAT each

2-5 Entries: a 5% discount on all entries

6-10 Entries: a 10% discount on all entries

11 + Entries: a 15% discount on all entries.

All NON-Member Entries will be charged each £495 +VAT.

A £100 administration charge will be applied to each any entry submitted after the Closing Date as detailed in point 6 above.

8. All entries must be paid for by Friday 14th April 2017. Unpaid entries will be disqualified.

9. All campaigns entered must be legal and comply with the UK Code of Non-broadcast 10 Advertising, Sales Promotion & Direct marketing (The CAP Code), and the Experiential Marketing Code. 

10. Full Terms and Conditions (as provided to the consumer) must be submitted for all campaigns. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. If no Terms and Conditions were considered necessary (for example, for certain experiential activity), this must be clearly explained in the appropriate place on the entry form. 

11. All entries will remain the property of the Institute of Promotional Marketing, 4th Floor 193-197 High Holborn, London WC1 7BD, and we may wish to use information in them in PR activity, cases studies or educational content. Please make sure information which is for the judges’ eyes only is clearly marked as such in your submissions.

12. Panel Judging

There are normally 16 panels of judges comprising a chair and five to seven members. Each panel is allocated a minimum of one category to judge.  Panel members are all senior members of the promotional marketing industry of account director or marketing manager status or higher. Where possible panel members will be specialists in the fields that they are judging. Chairmen of the panels are senior industry members and specialists in fields relevant to the categories they are judging. They receive electronic copies of the entry and submission forms. The judges will study and mark these entries and place them in an order of preference following the guidelines given to them. The judging criteria and weightings given to these criteria will vary according to each category and this is published in the Handbook brochure for guidance. In each category a minimum of six entries will be selected to go through to the panel judging sessions based on the combined scores given by the judges during the on-line marking. These entries will be identified as the ‘nominations’ and they will and they will published in a shortlist. The panels then meet to discuss the nominations in each category and select the Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners in each category. In each category, a Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be made (unless there are less than three valid entries). If a panel feels that none of the entries in a category reach the standard outlined to them in guidance notes, they may (under exceptional circumstances) recommend an alternative award to Gold, Silver and Bronze. If it is felt that no entries meet the standard necessary for awarding a trophy then the IPM may cancel the category and refund the entry fees of any entrants.

13. Moderation and Vetting

All the judging is moderated to ensure fairness and equality between panels. Vested interests are monitored and removed from the process. The Moderator attends all panel sessions and review the results before panels depart.  All nominations are vetted for compliance with THE AWARDS 2017 Terms and Conditions as well as for CAP Code and legal compliance. Entries may be downgraded or disqualified at this stage.

14. The Judges’ decision is final on all matters and no correspondence will be entered into.

15. Final Judging Panel – The Grand Prix

A final panel considers all the entries that won Golds to select the Grand Prix winner. Final members will be the Chairmen of each of the panels. All judging will be done on-line and anonymously. Each Chairman will select their ‘top three’ campaigns in order of preference and allocate 3, 2, and 1 mark accordingly. The Grand Prix winner will be the campaign that collects most points from the Chairmen.

16. Brand of the Year and Agency of the Year

Both of these awards will be awarded based on the number of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. In this instance a Gold will be worth 3 pts, a Silver 2 pts and a Bronze 1pt. An additional point will be allocated for the agency that runs the Grand Prix campaign. In the event of a draw at this stage the winner will be identified as the Brand or agency with most Golds.  If there is a still a draw at this stage then the brand or agency with most nominations will win. 

Need help or advice? Call our Awards team now on 020 3848 0444 or get in touch on awards@theipm.org.uk

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