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Entry for The IPM COGS 2014 is now closed; the shortlist will be announced on August 15th, and the trophies will be awarded at a Gala Lunch to be held at the Grange Hotel, St Pauls, on September 19th.

For all of the Industry Categories in The IPM COGS 2014, the format of entries is exactly the same.   

If you are entering more than one category, you should obviously tailor each entry to be relevant to each different category.   

There are two parts to the entry submission.

Part one should be of no more than 1,000 words.  

It should cover how the company/service provider dealt with a particular project or piece of work in a way which demonstrates best practice in this industry category.

It should relate to a single project or piece of work undertaken in this speciality category between May 2013 and May 2014.

Judges will be looking for information under the following headings:   

1.   Description of the brief 

2.   Interpretation of, and strategy to deliver against, the brief 

3.   Budget 

4.   Evidence of innovation and/or creativity demonstrated in the service provided 

5.   Results

6.   Endorsement from the client   

Part two should be of no more than 350 words.   

In a maximum of 350 words, please outline a further two examples of projects undertaken in this speciality category between May 2013 and May 2014.  This is to demonstrate depth of work in this category by the company entering.

Supplementary information – which may be made public in the event this entry is shortlisted   

1.   100 word executive summary of the entry.   

NOTE: This text may be used in PR and other collateral, so it should not contain any confidential information.   

2.   Two (2) images to illustrate the entry (300dpi in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats).   

NOTE: These images are not part of the judging process.  They may be used at the Awards ceremony and/or for future marketing collateral for the COGS awards and/or for other use by the IPM such as web content, case studies or educational material.   

3. Your company logo (300 dpi in JPEG, GIF or PNG).