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The IPM COGS 2014 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

To make the entry process as easy as possible, please read the answers to our frequently asked questions. 

1.          Can only members of the IPM enter the COGS Awards? 

No. The IPM COGS Awards are open to any UK-based provider of marketing services.  There is a differential in the entry fee between members companies of the IPM and non-members.  NOTE: For the Individual of the Year and Rising Star 2014 categories, the entry fee is determined by whether their employer is an IPM member company. 

2.          Who can enter the COGS Awards? 

The IPM COGS Awards are open to any UK-based company which provides services that support the delivery of promotional marketing campaigns. Agencies are not eligible to enter. 

3.          What Industry Sector categories can we enter? 

Companies are only eligible to enter a particular industry category if they provide relevant services themselves in-house. They must also be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of expertise in a particular category to be eligible to enter it. Companies which buy in services in a particular industry category are not eligible to enter that category. 

4.          How much does it cost to enter the COGS Awards? 

IPM member companies = £120 + VAT early bird rate / £170 + VAT standard fee Non-IPM member companies = £150 + VAT early bird rate / £200 + VAT standard fee 

5.          When do entries need to be received by? 

The entry deadline is midday on Friday 18th July 2014, with entries received by midday on Friday 11th July benefitting from an early bird rate. 

6.          How can entries be made? 

All entries must be made via the online entry form on the IPM website.  No paper entries will be considered. 

7.          What approvals, if any, are required? 

At the time and date of entry the entrant agrees that the information provided is truthful, accurate and adheres to the CAP Code.  It is the responsibility of the entrant to have the written permission of all third parties involved in the project, prior to submitting the entry.  Failure to do so will lead to disqualification. 

8.          What is the COGS Awards confidentiality policy? 

All judges are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before they have sight of any entries.  All information contained in the entries remains confidential up to the point the winning entry is added to the IPM website and thereby available for download.  The entry may also be used in future marketing of the IPM COGS Awards.  If an entry is shortlisted, the entrant will be given the option to provide an amended version that does not contain client confidential information in the event the entry is published online once the Awards ceremony has concluded. 

9.          Is there an advised format/structure for the written entry to adhere to? 

Yes.  Each category criteria clearly states the headings relating to the information the judges want to see.  If information is not provided in relation to one of these headings then the entry will score zero points for that area which will make it difficult for the entry to reach the minimum standard required for being shortlisted.  All entries are to be submitted using our online entry form. You will be asked to upload relevant images and a company where appropriate. No points are given for the design of the written entry so it is advised that each entry is clear and easy for the judges to read. 

10.      Is feedback given on entries? 

No.  The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into, or feedback given, regarding the selection of the shortlist, highly commended awards, or winners. 

11.      What happens when an entry is shortlisted? 

The contact, as listed on the entry form, will receive an email when the shortlist is announced at midday on Friday 15th August 2014.  The IPM reserves the right to not announce a shortlist should the standard of entries received not reach a minimum standard as determined by the judges. 

12.      How are the results of the COGS Awards publicized? 

At a minimum, each shortlisted company is tweeted about (using the Twitter name provided on the entry form).  This is repeated on the day of the Awards ceremony as each winner is announced.  Hashtags will be adopted.  The winners will feature on the IPM website and in IPM media activity.